Trail System Changes & Construction Notice

There will be some construction work happening in the next few weeks in the community of Sunset Ridge. Learn more about the projects here and sign up for email notifications about the project status.

Trail System Changes

In preparation for the development of The Pinnacle at Sunset Ridge, the trail system is changing. The current trail system is located on private property and has been informally used by residents. Sunset Properties Inc. is working with Bike Cochrane and the Town of Cochrane to create a formalized trail system that will realign some trails as well as create new trails to provide better connectivity, safety, and sustainability for residents to enjoy for years to come. Along with the trail work, additional lookout points and interpretive signage will be added. To facilitate the realignment of the trail network, trails will temporarily be closed in the area. Check the website for updates and additional information.

Learn More About Trail ChangesDOWNLOAD TRAIL MAP PDF

Sunset Ridge Siphon Installation

We are installing stormwater and wastewater siphons across the ravine east of Sunset View to service the future Pinnacle Estates at Sunset Ridge development on the east side of the ravine. A siphon is used as part of a wastewater collection system to go under obstructions such as rivers or across areas like ravines. The siphon connects to the collection system on either side and uses the build-up of water pressure to push the water from the upstream end to the downstream end. We'd like to advise residents that there will be some noise in the community associated with the ongoing construction. There is some drilling that is necessary for the completion of our development. Residents will be given advance warning as to when the drilling will take place, and we are doing our best to notify residents. We apologize in advance for any disruptions. For information related to the siphon installation project, please visit our information page on the Sunset Ridge website. You can also subscribe (below) to receive email updates about the construction project.


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If you're interested in receiving ongoing updates about these construction projects, please sign up using the form below and we will send you email communications with updates. We will send out new information upon the completion of project milestones.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the project or area land development, please contact Ruth Price, Project Coordinator, Melcor Developments at 403-270-1288 or email If you have any concerns about operations at the worksites, please contact Volker Stevin at 403-816-7831.