Sunset Ridge HOA

The Sunset Ridge Homeowners Association

A Homeowners Association (HOA) is established to build community amenities that go above and beyond the standards and ensure that they are maintained for long-term resident enjoyment.

When you purchase your home in the community, you are automatically a member of the non-profit HOA society. Funds collected will contribute to keeping the features you love in your community in excellent condition. The HOA maintains these extra special community amenities, so you can rest assured that the features you love in your shiny new community will remain in great condition. An encumbrance, registered on title in favor of the HOA, allows funds to be collected to cover the costs of maintaining amenities and operating the HOA. A board of resident directors (initially Melcor) administers the HOA in accordance with the Articles of Association.

While its prime hilltop location makes Sunset Ridge a highly sought-after neighborhood for families, the numerous parks and amenities in the community make it even more appealing.

We are committed to building communities where residents want to live, work, shop and play. Become a resident of an HOA community, and discover the benefits! · Connect with your neighbors in organized events· Pond fountain, including winter storage service and maintenance· Well taken care of main entry feature· Planting & maintenance of annual flower beds, regular weeding, pruning of shrubs, fertilizing, and watering.· Never lose your way with well-kept bollard lighting in the parks and along the paths· Get social with a brand new community center coming soon

Fees are estimated at $146/year + GST and are collected annually.

Coming soon to Sunset Ridge: a brand new community centre for the heart of the neighbourhood.

At the heart of all great neighbourhoods are the people. Great communities are defined as those where residents can walk safely, with meaningful destinations and amenities where residents can gather, meet one another, enjoy some recreation and even learn. Sunset Ridge has many great amenities, with quality schools, several local parks and the multi-use path network running through and connecting the community. Stay tuned for more information on Community Centre plans and timelines.

Our Community Centre will be the crown jewel of community connection, offering all kinds of recreational opportunities: ·         Boarded rink with a place to change into skates.·         Playground·         Seating areas·         Community building with space for recreation, meetings and events·         Sports fields

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