Trail System Changes & Construction Notice

Trail System Changes & Construction Notice

There will be some construction work happening in the next few weeks in the community of Sunset Ridge. Learn more about the projects here and sign up for email notifications about the project status.

Trail System Changes

In preparation for the development of The Pinnacle at Sunset Ridge, the trail system is changing. The current trail system is located on private property and has been informally used by residents. Sunset Properties Inc. is working with Bike Cochrane and the Town of Cochrane to create a formalized trail system that will realign some trails as well as create new trails to provide better connectivity, safety, and sustainability for residents to enjoy for years to come. Along with the trail work, additional lookout points and interpretive signage will be added. To facilitate the realignment of the trail network, trails will temporarily be closed in the area. Check the website for updates and additional information.

Learn More About Trail ChangesDOWNLOAD TRAIL MAP PDF

Sunset Ridge Siphon Installation

We are installing stormwater and wastewater siphons across the ravine east of Sunset View to service the future Pinnacle Estates at Sunset Ridge development on the east side of the ravine. A siphon is used as part of a wastewater collection system to go under obstructions such as rivers or across areas like ravines. The siphon connects to the collection system on either side and uses the build-up of water pressure to push the water from the upstream end to the downstream end.


We'd like to advise residents that there will be some noise in the community associated with the ongoing construction. There is some drilling that is necessary for the completion of our development. Residents will be given advance warning as to when the drilling will take place, and we are doing our best to notify residents. We apologize in advance for any disruptions.


For information related to the siphon installation project, please visit our information page on the Sunset Ridge website. You can also subscribe (below) to receive email updates about the construction project.


Sign Up For Construction Notifications

If you're interested in receiving ongoing updates about these construction projects, please sign up using the form below and we will send you email communications with updates. We will send out new information upon the completion of project milestones.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the project or area land development, please contact Ruth Price, Project Coordinator, Melcor Developments at 403-270-1288 or email If you have any concerns about operations at the worksites, please contact Volker Stevin at 403-816-7831.

Plan For Sunset Ridge Community Centre

Community Centre Renderings + Plan

Learn more about our plans for a new community centre at the heart of Sunset Ridge.

A community centre for the heart of the neighbourhood.

At the heart of all great neighbourhoods are the people. Great communities are defined as those where residents can walk safely, with meaningful destinations and amenities where residents can gather, meet one another, enjoy some recreation and even learn.


Sunset Ridge has many great amenities going for it, with quality schools, several local parks, and the multi-use path network running through and connecting the community. Our Community Centre will be the crown jewel of community connection, offering all kinds of recreational opportunities:


· Boarded rink with a place to change into skates.
· Playground
· Seating areas
· Community building with space for recreation, meetings, and events
· Sports fields


Stay tuned for more information on Community Centre plans and timelines.

View Plans + Renders

Community Centre Renders

Please note that these renders are for visualization purposes only and may not reflect the final design.

View Community Centre Plan

Interchange Funding Gets Granted!

Interchange Funding

Learn more about the new interchange funding that supports additional access the Sunset Ridge community.

Sunset Ridge Access Gets Funded!

As Sunset Ridge grows, we've seen increased traffic volume on Sunset Boulevard. Melcor has worked with the Town of Cochrane, Rocky View County and Alberta Transportation since 2011 on a plan for a second access into the community to help alleviate traffic congestion.


We are very excited that the new interchange received provincial funding in the fall 2019 budget and hope for a speedy build for this much needed access point.

Cochrane Now ArticleInterchange Layout (pdf map)

2021 Home Trends

2021 Home Trends

This year, happiness at home tops our priority list as we continue to shelter in place and look for ways to curate comfy living spaces. It’s no surprise that the trends for 2021 focus on things like simplicity, serenity, organization and multi-use spaces. We’ve rounded up our favourite trends that you can incorporate into your new home in Sunset Ridge.

Colours of the Year

Colour institutions are releasing their Colours of the Year for 2021. Each year, home builders and interior designers look to these picks to draw inspiration for their designs.

One of the leading authorities on colour are the people at Pantone. They have declared Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a sunny yellow, as their 2021 colour choices. According to the Pantone Colour Institute, “these colours reflect what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for.”

The Color Guild, the paint world’s global color authority, has a more subtle pick for its colour of the year in Simple Serenity – a soft blue that it calls “the color of home, comfort and possibility in one heavenly hue.”

While paint brand Benjamin Moore is going with a bit bolder Aegean Teal. “Intriguing, balanced, and deeply soothing, Aegean Teal creates natural harmony.”

One thing’s for sure, the chosen colours will certainly inspire calm and serenity in any space.

For even more inspiration and complementary tones, check out this exceptional 2021 colour trends website by Behr:

Behr 2021 Colour Trends

Livable Luxury

Our homes have become our haven to organize, arrange, and decorate, more than ever. As we move indoors and take to our social channels to express ourselves, it’s no surprise that our attention has become more and more directed towards our living spaces. With that, the trend of livable luxury comes squarely into focus. 

We don’t just need spaces that look good anymore (think formal living room with antique furnishings). We now require our beautiful spaces to function in new ways. In 2021, re-think your spaces and look for:

  • Furniture that can play double duty
  • Storage to put your work away at the end of a long day at your home office
  • Accents, decor and furniture that are not only beautiful but versatile and durable

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have been a staple in homes for many years, and 2021 will be no different. The benefits of growing plants in your home impacts both your physical and mental health. If you want to liven up your space (figuratively and literally), just add plants.

Growing plants indoors will improve air quality, ground you in nature even while indoors, and caring for them triggers many positive reactions in the brain. Not to mention, they are natural art! 

Our top picks for low maintenance, indoor plants are:

  • The Snake Plant
    • Snake plants thrive in indirect light and require watering only when their soil is dry. Talk about low-maintenance!
  • Air Plants & Succulents
    • Possibly the easiest plants to maintain, air plants and succulents look great in a terrarium. But don’t forget about them completely! They do require spraying or soaking once in a while.
  • Aloe Vera Plant
    • We love that these plants play double duty by providing moisturizing and healing aloe from its juicy leaves. Place them in direct sunlight and water weekly.
  • Rubber Plants
    • Don’t let the name fool you… these plants are real and are one of the top air-cleaning plants available.

Talk to your local garden centre for more ideas and complete care instructions for any of your plant friends.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

In 2020, our living spaces transformed and performed in ways that they never had before, with rooms serving multiple purposes. Living rooms became offices, dining rooms and kitchens served as classrooms, and bedrooms suddenly became places to work out as well as sleep.

2021 is the year to get creative with your spaces and reimagine what each room can be. Our builder group in Sunset Ridge has taken an active role in evolving their floorplans to meet the needs of homeowners in this new normal. While we place more and more expectations on what our homes can be, our builder group will help you meet them. Find a showhome and speak with a sales representative to bring your dream home to life.

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