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The Sunset Ridge Homeowners Association

A Homeowners Association (HOA) is established to build community amenities that go above and beyond the standards and ensure that they are maintained for long-term resident enjoyment.

When you purchase your home in the community, you are automatically a member of the non-profit HOA society. Funds collected will contribute to keeping the features you love in your community in excellent condition. The HOA maintains these extra special community amenities, so you can rest assured that the features you love in your shiny new community will remain in great condition.


An encumbrance, registered on title in favor of the HOA, allows funds to be collected to cover the costs of maintaining amenities and operating the HOA. A board of resident directors (initially Melcor) administers the HOA in accordance with the Articles of Association.

While its prime hilltop location makes Sunset Ridge a highly sought-after neighborhood for families, the numerous parks and amenities in the community make it even more appealing.

We are committed to building communities where residents want to live, work, shop and play. Become a resident of an HOA community, and discover the benefits!


· Connect with your neighbors in organized events
· Pond fountain, including winter storage service and maintenance
· Well taken care of main entry feature
· Planting & maintenance of annual flower beds, regular weeding, pruning of shrubs, fertilizing, and watering.
· Never lose your way with well-kept bollard lighting in the parks and along the paths
· Get social with a brand new community center coming soon

Fees are estimated at $146/year + GST and are collected annually.

Coming soon to Sunset Ridge: a brand new community centre for the heart of the neighbourhood.

At the heart of all great neighbourhoods are the people. Great communities are defined as those where residents can walk safely, with meaningful destinations and amenities where residents can gather, meet one another, enjoy some recreation and even learn.


Sunset Ridge has many great amenities, with quality schools, several local parks and the multi-use path network running through and connecting the community.


Stay tuned for more information on Community Centre plans and timelines.

Our Community Centre will be the crown jewel of community connection, offering all kinds of recreational opportunities:


·         Boarded rink with a place to change into skates.
·         Playground
·         Seating areas
·         Community building with space for recreation, meetings and events
·         Sports fields

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Community Amenities

A Complete Community

Full of amenities for lifestyle & convenience

A Beautiful Setting with Spectacular Views

Overlooking the charming town of Cochrane, Sunset Ridge is where the sun-kissed mountains and big blue skies welcome you home and remind you why you chose to live here. Sunset Ridge is built with your lifestyle in mind. Visit us today to see how!

Outdoor Parks, Trails, and Green Spaces

Run, walk or stroll, through the outdoor amenities of Sunset Ridge, or sit on a bench reading and watching the sunset. Thoughtfully designed parks connect Sunset Ridge to local regional paths, and with stunning hillside views from the top of Cochrane, the community is as beautiful as it is practical.


Sunset Ridge is a community designed to support your active outdoor lifestyle. From our outdoor exercise circuit, to 5+ km of scenic paths for a casual stroll or a quick run, there are lots of ways to get outside and get active. In Sunset Ridge, it’s easy to get the whole family outside – ambling trails and parks create space for kids to burn off energy and places for dogs to roam and explore. The community design features a central park, as well as many small neighbourhood parks and playgrounds, and a 6-acre freshwater pond. All are connected with regional multi-use trails dotted with gazebos and benches. Explore the green spaces in the community on our parks map at the link below.


NEW! Plans for a Sunset Ridge Community Centre

We’re excited to announce that plans for a Sunset Ridge Community Centre are currently in development, and will offer a new way for you to connect with your neighbours. The Community Centre will feature a variety of amenities, including a boarded skating rink, a new playground, outdoor seating areas, sports fields, and will have indoor spaces for meetings and events. Stay tuned for more information on the Community Centre plans and timelines. See more renders, and learn more about the project in our blog.

View Plans + Renders

Neighbourhood Schools, K-12

In Sunset Ridge, there are two great schools located right within the neighbourhood. Between these schools, your kids can attend classes from kindergarten all the way through to grade 12. These schools are located right within the community and are just minutes from your doorstep, making them extremely convenient and practical options for your busy family. With two neighbourhood schools, Sunset Ridge is an excellent option for families with children.

St. Timothy Jr./Sr. High School -
RancheView School (K-8) -


Recreation, Mountains, Hiking, and the Great Outdoors

In Cochrane, the majestic and breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains spanning the horizon never fail to impress. Living this close to nature is an incredible benefit to living in Cochrane, and it offers many opportunities to enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle year-round. Experience the adventure, and regularly enjoy activities like hiking along scenic mountain vistas or cycling along family-friendly trails and routes. Take a day trip to the scenic Big Hill Springs Provincial Park or Bow River, or escape to Kananaskis or Banff for the weekend at only a 1-hour drive away from Sunset Ridge. In Sunset Ridge, a trip to the mountains doesn’t have to be a rare occasion.

The Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre is an exceptional recreational facility that offers other ways for your family to stay active year-round, with rock climbing walls, an outdoor spray park, aquatic centre, NHL-sized hockey rinks, and fitness facilities. And at only a 10-minute drive from Sunset Ridge, this facility is easily accessible for regular use. With a variety of incredible recreational amenities nearby, it’s easy to embrace your love of adventure.

Summer Activities

  • Mountain Hiking Trails
  • Rock Climbing
  • Cycling Routes
  • Golfing
  • Disc Golf, Mini Golf
  • Skateboard Park
  • Rafting
  • Horseback Riding
  • Fishing in Bow River

Winter Activities

  • Snowshoeing
  • Pond Ice Skating
  • Dog Sled Tours
  • Alpine or Ice Climbing
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Winter Hiking

Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre (Year Round)

  • Outdoor Spray-Park
  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Swimming + Aquatic Centre
  • 3 NHL Sized Hockey Arenas
  • Fitness Facility and Gymnasium


Historic Downtown, and Local Arts + Culture

Cochrane is a vibrant community rich in history, heritage, and passion for the western way of life. In Cochrane, enjoy the benefits of living in a smaller community while also being only a short 20-minute drive to northwest Calgary. Experience ‘rurban’ living – live in a community where the breathtaking freedom of a rural lifestyle meets the modern conveniences of urban amenities. As one of the largest towns in the province of Alberta, Cochrane is a thriving community with a lot to offer.

Boutiques, Art Galleries, and Farmer’s Markets

Experience the local arts and culture scene up close. Spend your weekends exploring the Historic Downtown – get a delicious coffee or ice-cream cone on Main Street and browse the local boutiques and art galleries. Appreciate new works of art at the Cochrane Ranchehouse which features the new work of local artists monthly, or attend the quarterly Art Walk at the ClubHouse Activity Centre. Murals, sculptures, and western-style storefronts give personality to the community and add to the local arts and culture scene.


Shop for your groceries at the local Farmer’s Market where you can get fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, artisan cheeses, meats, baked goods, handmade jewelry and more. With a focus on local businesses, it’s easy to shop locally and feel connected to your community.


In Sunset Ridge, your neighbourhood commercial centre, ‘The Trading Post’ has all your daily needs met with a gas station, country market, pharmacy, and wine & spirit store along with services including restaurants, dental and massage.

Entertainment, Rodeos, Festivals, and Annual Fairs

Cochrane residents greatly enjoy the regular rodeos, parades, and classic car shows that come to town. Various annual festivals also bring a variety of entertainment to the community. The Cochrane Fair in the third week of August is the most highly anticipated event of the summer season, where residents look forward to riding the midway, taking part in family events, watching rodeo competitions, and listening to live music. As a family-focused community rich in culture, embrace living in Cochrane, Alberta.


While Sunset Ridge offers just about everything you could need, the town of Cochrane has even more.

Visit the website for Cochrane Tourism, and learn more about what makes Cochrane a destination for residents and visitors alike.

Construction Information

Construction Updates & Information

Information about ongoing construction projects in the community.

Sunset Ridge Siphon Installation

Project Information

Newest Update

July 26, 2023

We apologize for the Sunset Ridge fountain not being operational at this time. Upon investigation, Melcor has been notified that the pump is broken and a new one has been ordered.  We thank you for your patience currently and will provide an update on the status of the repair in the coming weeks.


Thank you,
Melcor Community Relations

Previous Updates

June 5, 2023

Attention, Residents of Sunset Ridge,


We would like to inform you that there are cattle grazing to the east of Sunset Ridge. This notice is to ensure that everyone is aware of the farmers nearby and for residents to be respectful to not fold back wire leaving the perimeter fence open to residential areas. During this time, it is important to exercise caution and respect the boundaries set by landowners in this area as well for the well-being of the cattle. It is also essential to keep pets on a leash and under control to avoid any disturbances or accidents. Thank you for your attention, and together, let's support responsible land management practices for the benefit of our community and environment.


Thank you,
Melcor Community Relations

May 9, 2023

Paving of the new Sunset Ridge Pathway will begin this month. Over the next few weeks, the area behind Sunset View will be temporarily closed for construction and paving.

We look forward to opening the pathway soon as paving is completed, scheduled for May 30, weather and conditions permitting.


Thank you for your patience during this closure to accommodate the final stages of construction.


For updates on completion, visit

August 12, 2022

We are pleased to announce that in partnership with the Town of Cochrane, we are moving forward to build a paved pathway along the road that was used for the siphon drilling.  Please see the attached map to view the alignment behind homes on Sunset View.  As noted in the previous update, The Town of Cochrane requested that we review building a paved pathway as an option to reclaim the temporary road.  Building a paved pathway here is a great use of the temporary road and will be a lasting amenity for residents for years to come.  Thank you for your patience while the details were worked out.  The Pinnacle trail work has begun the week of August 8.  It is expected that the paved pathway will begin construction the week of August 22 and last 6 to 8 weeks. (weather and conditions permitting).  Please note that for safety the area will remain closed during pathway construction and will reopen fully once this work is complete.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please email

View + Download Map

July 29, 2022


We are working with the Town of Cochrane to explore options to install a paved pathway as part of the rehabilitation of the construction access road. This pathway is proposed to replace the existing informal path that exists along the back of lots on Sunset View. More time is needed to confirm it is feasible to include this pathway with the rehabilitation work that needs to be completed. We hope this delay will be of added benefit to residents in the long run and we appreciate your patience as the final details are formalized. Pathways will remain closed due to ongoing construction completion for safety reasons. We are targeting to release an update in mid-August on the pathway rehab timing.


The grading of the Pinnacle has begun on July 19. This grading work is expected to last approximately 6 weeks – weather permitting. The siphon tie-ins are scheduled to begin the first week of August. This work is expected to last approximately two weeks.

June 29, 2022

Melcor Developments Ltd will be starting grading work for the Sunset Ridge Pinnacle. During this construction, we will be hauling fill material to the site. You will notice trucks on your street moving this material. Hauling will take place between the hours of 7 AM - 8 PM, Monday through Saturday, from August 10. This will last for approximately 4 weeks weather permitting. Please see the attached map for the truck route.


Truck drivers will be briefed daily on the 30 KM/h speed limit and the need to inspect tarps and ties before accessing public roadways. Radar speed signs will be in place as per the map for the duration of hauling and street sweepers will clean the streets regularly to ensure the roads remain free of dirt and debris.
Ongoing project updates are available at

View Map Of Truck Route

June 10, 2022

We are pleased to announce that the 24 hour, 7 day a week directional drilling has been completed. Thank you to residents in the area for your patience during this construction.

What is the siphon project?

We are installing stormwater and wastewater siphons across the ravine east of Sunset View to service the future Pinnacle of Sunset Ridge development on the east side of the ravine.


A siphon is used as part of a wastewater collection system to go under obstructions such as rivers or across areas like ravines. The siphon connects to the collection system on either side and uses the build-up of water pressure to push the water from the upstream end to the downstream end.

Why was the siphon option chosen? And how was the route determined?

We considered alternative options like a new storm pond and wastewater trunk within the valley during the Sunset Ridge Stage 2 Neighborhood Plan process. It was determined these options were not feasible due to their construction requirements and environmental impacts. Even though the siphon is not the most cost-effective option, it is the least disruptive to the natural environment. See Siphon Location Plan, below.

What did the Town of Cochrane look at when approving the siphon installation project?

The Town used the following principles to evaluate the project:


Protection of an environmentally sensitive landscape – This area is widely recognized as both an important and pristine environmental landscape within Sunset Ridge, adjacent to the Cochrane Ranche. In accordance with the Cochrane Community Vision, these landscapes that characterize our community are to be preserved and protected. Therefore, Administration was unwilling to consider any proposals that did not protect this area, as well as the interests of our community and its residents.


Reduced overall construction timeline & inconveniences to residents – With a 24-hour operation the project timeline for this construction would be reduced significantly from over 60 days to 30 days. Furthermore, by completing this work throughout the late winter and spring months, the area could be rehabilitated and restored for community use in the Spring of 2022.


Construction Best Practice – Understanding that it would not be possible to proceed with a more traditional construction trench for this infrastructure across a sensitive landscape, a 24-hour horizontal directional drilling procedure is proposed. This approach would minimize ground disturbance to a small area that would later be restored and that would ultimately deliver the required connections to support the future development of the southeast portion of Sunset Ridge. From an environmental and geotechnical perspective, the proposed directional drilling program is recognized as a best practice to minimize impacts to this area.


Sunset Ridge Stage 2 Area Structure Plan (2012) – The sanitary and stormwater siphons proposed for construction were outlined in the Stage 2 ASP adopted by Council in 2012. For more information, please visit


Recent Experience with the TC Energy Project – During the West Pathway Pipeline upgrade, a similar approach was utilized with sound attenuation fencing and a 24-hour drilling program. This project provided excellent results for our community with few disruptions or concerns.


For more information about Town growth policies and plans visit

What are the construction plan and timelines?

Timeline Update:

Stage 1 – Construction of Access Routes and Site Preparation – Complete

Stage 2 – Trail Closures (limited reopening) – Ongoing

Stage 3 – 24 Hour, 7 Days/Week Direction Drilling – Complete

Stage 4 – Siphon Tie-in and Construction Completion – Delayed due to contractor availability, starting August 2022

Stage 5 – Rehabilitation of Areas to Natural State – Delayed, starting August 2022
See Trail Master Plan, below to view trail realignment.


Other Work
May 2022 – Grading will occur on the east side for future development of The Pinnacle community and erosion control measures will remain in place until development occurs.

What are you doing to reduce the impact on residents with 24-hour drilling and construction?

  • Sound Attenuation Fencing - Worksite locations will have a temporary, 16’ high sound attenuation fence installed to reduce construction noise and impact of lights. See Figure 1.0 – Sample of Sound Attenuation Fencing. See Temporary Sound Fence Installation, below. The sound attenuation fencing will reduce the noise from drilling to ~65 decibels outside the fencing. To put this into perspective, 60 decibels is like the noise of a normal conversation between two people sitting across from each other. A dishwasher is about 75 decibels and a hairdryer 80 decibels. The maximum sound level allowed by municipalities in the rear yards when backing onto major roads (highways) is 65 decibels.
  • Construction Traffic – All construction and drilling crews have been instructed to limit traffic to daytime hours. We require construction traffic to drive at slow speeds when using the access road, and dust will keep dust to a minimum using water trucks. Vehicles accessing the site at night will be no larger than a 1-ton truck.
  • Setbacks – The location of all work areas and access routes are away from the slope setback as determined by a geotechnical engineer. The location of the access route to the west drill site is close to the existing ravine fence line to minimize the impact and disturbance to the residents. The berms and slopes directly behind the existing homes will not be touched or impacted during construction.

Figure 1.0 - Sample of Sound Attenuation Fencing

What are you doing to protect the environment?

Temporary disturbances to the land and environment are required to access drilling sites. All drilling fluids used during the drilling operations are environmentally friendly. Erosion control measures will be in place to protect the existing natural terrain, and we will rehabilitate all work areas back to their original conditions.

What will happen to the bird houses?

A local resident has crafted birdhouses that are located along a fence which is the west boundary of our lands. These birdhouses are a unique feature to this area. It is our intention that these will remain in place. The barbed wire will be removed from the fence during the trail rehab work but the posts will remain in place along with the birdhouses.

How will the trail systems be impacted?

We are in the process of developing our new community, The Pinnacle Estates at Sunset Ridge. The lots for this community overlap with the current trail system located on private property and need to be realigned to the edge of the new community. To facilitate the realignment of the trail network, the trails will be closed in the area.


Sunset Properties Inc. (managed by Melcor) is working with Bike Cochrane and the Town of Cochrane to create a formalized trail system that will realign trails for better connectivity, safety, and sustainability for residents to enjoy. Trail work is being undertaken as early as possible to allow for the reopening of trails for the summer months. Some will be realigned, and new trails will be added, along with additional lookout points and interpretive signage. For updates visit

What pathway alternatives do I have?

The existing pathways within the environmental area between Ranche Rd and the construction area, and into the environmental reserve on the southeast side will remain open for use. See the Trail Closure Plan, below.

What public consultation has taken place?

Melcor hosted public engagement sessions for the servicing design as part of the approval process for the Sunset Ridge Stage 2 Neighborhood Plan. The construction and siphon installation project were part of this process.

Other work in the area - this work is now complete.

Loam: We have received questions about trucks spreading loam in a farmer’s field to the east of Sunset Ridge (behind Sundown View). This is not construction work related to development in Sunset Ridge and is not related to the Siphon project. The landowner was spreading loam on his property earlier this year in May, and this work is now complete.


Grading in the Stage 3 Lands: Pregrading in on Stage 3 lands is ongoing and expected to be complete mid-June.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the project or area land development, please contact Ruth Price, Project Coordinator, Melcor Developments at 403-270-1288 or email


If you have any concerns about operations at the worksites, please contact Volker Stevin at 403-816-7831.


Melcor Developments Ltd.

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Visual References & Maps

Trails Master Plan

Parks Map + Amenities Map

Community Maps

Detailed maps showcasing the community parks + amenities

Parks Map

Find out more about the beautiful parks and green space in our community by hovering over a dot on the map below.


Nearby Amenities

Cochrane has so much to offer - from sports and recreation to arts and events.


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A Master-Planned Neighbourhood with Incredible Rocky Mountain Views

Views of the majestic Rocky Mountains and big blue Alberta skies welcome you home to Sunset Ridge. A master-planned community developed by Melcor, Sunset Ridge is nestled on a ridge overlooking the town of Cochrane with the beautiful Rocky Mountains and rolling foothills for a backdrop.

Explore life in Sunset Ridge, in Cochrane, Alberta.

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